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Give your device a Windows 8–style theme


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Now you can make your Android look almost identical to Windows Phone, the Microsoft mobile operating system. Launcher 8 Free is an Android launcher that gives your device the look of Windows 8, and includes panels, icons, and shortcuts that are similar to this version.

This app divides all your installed tools into small squares arranged in alphabetical order, so in addition to the organizational structure that comes by default, you can add a custom touch by modifying the size and position of the boxes, or create new cubes with shortcuts to your favorite items.

All the boxes can save any app, and can be placed anywhere on the screen. Plus its figures are fully configurable and all the widgets you need to control can be fixed in a certain place in whatever size you like.

The preset theme is the classic blue from Windows 8, though Launcher 8 Free also includes an option to download colorful themes of all kinds that let you shake up your device's style whenever you feel like a change. In short, you can keep your home screen organized and safe with a new skin every day if you want with this one versatile launcher.

Android 4.0 or greater is required

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